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The strategic partnership between the Symphony Centre and the Arts Foundation is described as "a union grounded in culture, connectivity and creativity".
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Strategic Arts and Corporate partnership

A strategic partnership has been announced between Arts Foundation Te Temu Toi, RCP, the development management firm delivering The Symphony Centre project, as well as MRCB, the international developer behind the $600 million project

Arts Foundation General Manager Jessica Palalagi told The Lowdown "Having support like this from the corporate sector ensures that New Zealanders can engage with and value creativity and the arts.

"Financial backing means that the Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi can continue to exist as a way for individuals, families and everyone in between to give untagged money to artists to benefit their practice and their lives – which is essential, as we continue to see the need for individual giving to supplement stagnant Government funding."

The deal will see the Arts Foundation continue to hold signature events like its Galaa Dinner and the annual Laureate Party in the Aotea Arts Quarter.

Palalagi continues "RCP and MRCB are committed to working with our whānau of awarded artists – kicking off with profiling their work at The Symphony Centre – and we know the partnership will develop other opportunities as we go."

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